About Zia

Core Principle

The Zia's believed with life comes four sacred obligations that one must develop: a strong body, a clear mind, a pure spirit, and a devotion to the welfare of others. We work and live by this ideology and work openly with our team (client's, subcontractors, suppliers, and employees). There is no better way to keep everyone in the loop and surefooted on where their project, money and scheduling is.

Jean (John) Longchamps Jr:

Qualifier and Construction Manager

Mr. Longchamps brings over nineteen (19) years of vast construction experience, he began working in the construction field at the young age of twenty two. Prior to founding Zia Construction LLC, John worked for various general contractors, the City of Miami Beach Building Department as a Structural Inspector (4 yrs), several developers, and local, national and international banks (traveling all over the State of Florida, Durham, NC, NYC, and the Bahama Islands (Grand Bahama and Exuma)) performing project management oversight and certifying approved construction loan draws on multi-million dollar projects. Over the last four years, John Longchamps has been involved in numerous real estate and construction ventures which include: office buildings, warehouses, apartments, townhouses, and multi-million dollar custom homes.

John holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management from the Florida International University School of Engineering as well as an Associate’s Degree in Arts in Architecture. Mr. Longchamps is Certified in Florida as both a Licensed General Contractor (CGC062263) and a Licensed Standard Building Inspector (BN4628: Structural). He humbly claims that Zia Construction is hard pressed to fail an inspection and he resides in Miami-Dade County – where he works.